Elementary Initiatives

RTI (Response to Intervention): RTI is a program that targets students that need a little extra help in certain skill areas. Skill areas are identified by a team using a triangulation of data and with that data the team provides the appropriate intervention for each student.

Write Tools: Write Tools are instructional strategies that focus on the 6-traits of writing and the writing process. Teachers use a 45-60 minute instructional period to teach writing skills and work with individual students to increase their writing ability.

Class within a Class: Inclusion is a strategy that incorporates Special Education with the regular education classroom. Research shows that providing all students with the required grade level curriculum and the least restrictive environment will improve all students learning. At Centura we use a team teaching approach that includes the regular education teacher, special education teacher, and paraprofessionals.

90-minute + reading instruction: Each grade level uses a 90-minute uninterrupted block of time to teach reading and language arts. Students that may struggle in some areas will have additional instruction or intervention after the initial 90-minutes.

Character Council: The elementary has a Character Council that promotes good character throughout the school. The council is made up of 4th-6th grade students. The students were selected through an interview process.

Elementary Art: Elementary Art has been added to the students schedule for the 2010-2011 school year. Each grade will have an opportunity get instruction from Mr. Cyboron, the high school art teacher, one time a month.

Direct Instruction: Direct Instruction is a strategy to guide all students through the process of learning something new. The format looks like this: I (teacher) do it, We (teacher/class) do it, Y’all (group of students) do it, You (the student) do it.

Anti-Bullying: We are focusing our efforts on preventing bullying in our school. In August we brought in Demoine Adams to help kick off our initiative to prevent bullying in school. Every morning announcement contains some type of information about anti-bullying and using our 3 R’s consistently everyday.